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Ideas for action on hard-to-reach problems with hard-to-reach groups

Since 1994 Lemos&Crane has worked on high profile social issues including homelessness, social housing management, people with learning disabilities, prisoners and ex-offenders, literacy, hate crimes and financial inclusion. Lemos&Crane has been a pioneer of online networking for practitioners since 2000. Over 100,000 practitioners hear about our work and more than 30,000 people are registered members of one of our award-winning web networks and have become engaged with action research, awards schemes, seminars and conferences.

Lemos&Crane have worked extensively with policy makers and government, including the Home Office, Department for Communities and Local Government, Cabinet Office and the Crown Prosecution Service. Our work on challenging social issues has been supported by many trusts and foundations including the Monument Trust, the JJ Charitable Trust, the Ashden Trust, Esmee Fairbairn Foundation, City Bridge Trust, Friends Provident Foundation, the Wates Foundation, Pears Foundation, Tudor Trust, LankellyChase and Trust for London.  

Our partners in these projects include Thames Reach, Quaker Social Action, Royal Botanic Gardens Kew, Caritas Westminster, London Symphony Orchestra, National Gallery, V&A, Tate, Clinks, Koestler Trust and others.

Re-imagine: V&A Colour Space - Opportunities for people with learning disabilities with the amazing Gilbert Collection
19 Oct 2016, 30 views
Re-imagine: Tate Exchange - Creative responses by adults with learning disabilities to the art of Louise Bourgeois
7 Oct 2016, 112 views
The Good Prison: What do prisoners and ex-offenders need to learn?
2 Sep 2016, 125 views
The Good Prison: Clinks supporting good engagement between the voluntary sector and prisons
27 Aug 2016, 43 views
Re-imagine: Colour Space at the V&A - Creative opportunities for adults with learning disabilities
2 Nov 2015, 181 views
The Good Prison: FREE online training for prison staff
6 Oct 2015, 206 views
Re-imagine: Access and creative participation for excluded people in arts, museums and galleries
5 Oct 2015, 135 views
Grow Wild UK - Transforming communities with wildflowers
5 Oct 2015, 3429 views
Re-imagine: LSO Discovery - music with people with learning disabilities
20 Aug 2015, 111 views
Re-imagine: National Gallery Relaxed Talk and Draw for adults with learning disabilities
10 Jul 2015, 120 views
Growing Localities Awards 2016 - Winner, Runners up and Highly Commended Announced!!!
3 Jun 2015, 411 views
The Good Prison: Building empathy in prisoners by caring for rescue dogs
6 May 2015, 74 views
Resilient resettlement for ex-homeless people
15 Mar 2015, 148 views
'Quids In' - building financial capability and confidence of people with learning disabilities
15 Mar 2015, 47 views
Looking Together: Spiritual beliefs and aspirations of people with learning disabilities
15 Mar 2015, 231 views
Re-imagine: improving access to the arts, galleries and museums for people with learning disabilities
15 Mar 2015, 139 views
The Good Prison: Belief and Belonging: The spiritual and pastoral role of Catholic chaplains for Catholic prisoners
15 Mar 2015, 113 views
The Good Prison: Bringing orchestras into prisons and YOIs
15 Mar 2015, 17 views
The Good Prison: Fostering engagement between the museum and prison sectors
15 Mar 2015, 13 views
Trends and Friends: Access, use and benefits of digital technology for homeless and ex-homeless people
15 Mar 2015, 85 views
LiteracyActionNet Awards
(View the winner and runners-up)
The Good Prison: Conscience, crime and punishment
27 Mar 2014, 39 views
Bad Weather, Good Habits: Encouraging Social Housing Tenants to Save More
4 Jul 2013, 439 views
Lost and Found: faith and spirituality in the lives of homeless people
10 Apr 2013, 850 views
Loneliness and Cruelty: People with learning disabilities and their experience of harassment and abuse
17 May 2012, 1273 views
Create-Ability: the changing meaning of art and artistry
18 Jul 2011, 1021 views
The Bell Jar Rises: social determinants of well-being in mental health service users receiving care in the community
report 10 Nov 2010, 576 views
The Meaning of Money: why homeless and vulnerable people see money as a route to security, respect and freedom
report 5 Jun 2010, 1652 views
Steadying the Ladder: social and emotional aspirations of homeless and vulnerable people
report 31 Mar 2010, 806 views
Dreams Deferred: The families and friends of homeless and vulnerable people
1 Jun 2002, 140 views
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