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FREE online learning -

Values, approaches and activities for people working in prisons

Life inside prison often leaves a great deal to be desired for offenders and staff. Nonetheless, many staff are deeply committed and skilled; many governors and managers are enlightened. Some current activities and programmes for prisoners are genuinely original, inspiring and massively beneficial for offenders' dignity and resettlement and support the running of a humane institution. This FREE online course shows how staff and others working custodial institutions can engage with these aspirations in a practical way, complementing other forms of staff training and learning. 


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About the course

This FREE course charts an unbiased/apolitical, facts-driven path that covers various aspects of prison life; a prisoner’s induction and on-going progress, including education and training, incentives and privileges, literacy, the importance of improving family ties, preparing for resettlement, mental, physical and other challenges, and culminating in five realistic case studies. The course neither presupposes nor relies on prior knowledge and/or experience in the field. It is simple and intuitive to navigate, using a combination of fact-sheets, links to relevant resources, and a “virtual workbook” in which to record one’s own thoughts, questions, follow-ups and feedback.

It has been tried and tested by staff working at various levels and occupations across the prison estate and NOMS (including governors, managers, officers, psychologists, chaplains, librarians, tutors and prison visitors)  and meets Continuing Professional Development (CPD) guidelines. A CPD certificate is available to those who have completed the course.  

People doing the course can work on it flexibly and independently, in their own time and at their own pace using any computer with internet access.  The course is password-protected and course work is confidential and not shared.

To register your application for the course, click on the Course Access button above. After you've sent the completed registration form, we can give you an introductory briefing on the phone.

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FREE online learning: Values, approaches and activities for people working in prisons

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