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FREE online professional development: 

Values, approaches and activities in the Good Prison

Time in prison can help people comprehensively rebuild a positive sense of themselves away from crime while sustaining and strengthening beneficial relationships with family and friends, sometimes against all the odds.

The course supports staff in meeting this aspiration in a practical way, enhancing other forms of staff training and learning. This FREE online course is about how staff can contribute to the dignity, well-being and rehabilitation of offenders and the running of a humane, effective prison or YOI, a Good Prison.

Life inside prison often leaves a great deal to be desired for offenders and staff. Nonetheless, many staff are deeply committed and skilled; many governors and managers are enlightened. Some current activities and programmes for prisoners are genuinely original, inspiring and massively beneficial for offenders' dignity and rehabilitation, for example:

  • supporting family relationships 
  • arts and creativity 
  • restorative justice 
  • nature and well-being 
  • human and animal empathy.


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