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Carol McCarthy, Mrs
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The Good Prison:Tuning Up 2019:A music festival for residents and staff of HMP Whitemoor with Britten Sinfonia
19 Jul 2019, 4 views
The Good Prison:Films Inside:Film clubs in prison libraries and community libraries
5 Apr 2019, 17 views
The Good Prison:Tuning Up:A creative music project with Britten Sinfonia and the men and staff of HMP Whitemoor
30 Oct 2018, 20 views
Curing Violence:How we can become a less violent society
30 Oct 2018, 41 views
Life Beyond Crime: What do those at risk of offending, prisoners and ex-offenders need to learn?
28 Oct 2017, 126 views
The Monument Fellowship: Working together to improve criminal justice
22 May 2017, 76 views
The Good Prison: Projects and partnerships
22 May 2017, 72 views
The Good Prison: Clinks supporting good engagement between the voluntary sector and prisons
27 Aug 2016, 66 views
The Good Prison: Belief and Belonging: The spiritual and pastoral role of Catholic chaplains for Catholic prisoners
15 Mar 2015, 142 views
PrisonerActionNet:Guidance on supporting prisoners
15 Mar 2015, 19 views
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