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The potential for empowering homeless people through digital technology 

Lemos&Crane are pleased to announce the release of 

The potential for empowering homeless people through digital technology: a preliminary literature review. 

Based on a review of the current literature and practice, The potential for empowering homeless people through digital technology describes the role of digital technology in the lives of homeless and vulnerable people today. Digital technology can enhance lives by giving a voice to those who didn't feel as though they had one; as a resource for information about work, shelter and food; by providing entertainment; and as a means of communication. 

In response to the increasing use of digital technology among homeless and vulnerable people, service providers are beginning to offer digital literacy skills training and related workshops. Product designers are increasingly finding innovative ways of helping vulnerable people through the development of new apps, websites and other technologies. But issues of access, internet security, personal safety, digital literacy, confidence, cost and stigma mean that there is much more to do.

In conjunction with the review, Lemos&Crane working with Thames Reach and the LankellyChase Foundation present the Digital Empowerment Awards for projects which utilize the growing potential of digital technologies such as the internet, social media, apps and SMS for the improvement of the lives of homeless and vulnerable people, giving them a voice, enhancing and expressing their capabilities, facilitating peer-to-peer support and making the services they receive more personalised and enabling. To find out more, click here


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