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Vanessa Bell at Dulwich Picture Gallery:

Artists with learning disabilities respond through

textile and print making

The English artist of the 20th century, Vanessa Bell, is renowned for paintings which garner extraordinary intensity from everyday objects and domestic scenes by the subtle, brilliant use of colour, form and light.  She is renowned for the startling decoration of her own home at Charleston Farmhouse, as well, of course, as being a leading light of the Bloomsbury group of artists, writers and intellectuals whose notoriety and distinction have proved so durable in 20th century English cultural history - loved by many, loathed by a few. The largest retrospective of her work was shown to great public acclaim at Dulwich Picture Gallery in spring 2017.

Inspired by her intensity and her interest in decorating her surroundings with her own and other artists' art, we decided with Dulwich Picture Gallery to organise workshops which focused on silkscreen and textile printing.  We worked with artist Sarah Pimenta of Social Fabric.

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