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Fostering engagement between museums and prisons 

Lemos&Crane has a strong track record of working to help promote wellbeing within prison settings, and have worked on many aspects of prison life over the past 20 years. The majority of this learning has been distilled into PrisonerActionNet and informed the basis for the book ‘The Good Prison: Conscience, Crime and Punishment’, which seeks to build a holistic ‘theory of change’ about what really works in reducing re-offending and helping prisoners to re-build their lives.

The importance of museums and handling objects

Museum collections hold a hazy mirror to our identity, to who we are, where our ideas came from, what has made us what we are and what continues to shape the way we see the world and – in particular – our place in the world.  It is thought essential that the general public should be able to freely and regularly access museum collections, treating the objects as friends from far away and the museum as home from home. Of course, not everyone is encouraged in this way and those that are not are at a considerable deficit, both in direct educational benefits and in a confident and comfortable association with memory, meaning and magic.  

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